I live in a large, strange house where some rooms actually have no roof. And so to get to the kitchen at night, I have to wander through dark rooms and the darkness outside with only moonlight glinting off of certain surfaces. 

There’s a dog with me that follows me through some of the rooms but won’t go through the outside portions. IRL I hate it when an animal won’t follow me when I’m home alone. It always makes it seem like the place is haunted and the animal is aware.  ’Queen’ by Perfume Genius has been stuck in my head since waking up, so I probably dreamed of that song, even though I can’t remember now.

Lately I’ve been dreaming a lot of situations with imminent sex that gets interrupted buildings, which is different for me. The other night I dreamed of an office building. The ground floor was only a line of single rooms connected. The second floor was the same, and so on for many stories, so the building itself was impossibly skinny.

Heading back to bed now, hopefully I’ll have more to write in the morning.

dreams sex

I’ve been back on tumblr for a little while now after having taking a long break. I left because I’ve grown tired of the hypersensitivity and political correctness plaguing our once beautiful blogosphere. Coupled with my anger management issues, I truly want to reach out and apologize for any punch you little faggots in the face every time you start bitching about something that I realize that it has become hard to differentiate from my honest feeling and what is simply me seeking a method to diffuse my anger. Fuck you the world is not your mothers cunt.